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It's been a long time since my last blog, so I'm playing a bit of catch up. Below is a collaboration with our French friends and designers @mariechaumette Coming soon to Australia, available now in Paris…Outfits made of sunlight and ocean drops… It feels like holidays  ! (Featuring @silk_art_scarves) #kimono #kimonos #silk #silkchiffon #frenchdesign #madeinfrance #silkartscarves #scarves #scarf #silk #handmade #homemade #picoftheday #boomerang #sunlight#sun #ocean #colors


The Bernard Buffet exhibition at Musee D'art Moderne was an amazing collection of works. As one critic claimed “he painted a lot”. This is evident in the exhibition which covers his works from post war thru to his death in 1998. His suicide must have been a devastating moment of personal torture. For a person so prolific to lose his talent and ability to Alzheimer’s must have been unthinkable. He left behind a body of work and a personal style that is defined from beginning to end. Inspirational.


A trip to Paris is never complete without a tour of le Marais to catch up on the latest street art. Today we witnessed the destruction of several Konny Stedding works by Council Cleaners. Within minutes these beautiful works were destroyed. I hate taggers, but paste ups that actually have some artistic merit add to the personality of a city. It’s such a shame that art, even in the capital of culture isn’t respected.


Architectural Inspiration

Today we visited the Philharmonic Theatre on the edge of Paris. This amazing building rises from the ground, a unique mix of organic and angular forms. The whole building is silver and reflective, so inspirational!


New AW2017 Collection

We’re very excited to be showcasing the new AW2017 Collection at Pure London in February. You can check out the new Silk-Modal and Silk Twill range at Pure. They will be available online at our eStore www.byphillipayers.com www.silk-art-scarves.com from March. They will be in-store (see our websites for your local retailer) from April.

The designs are new abstract artworks by Phillip Ayers and the new collection has two strong themes - Organic and Geometric. They are in the new seasons colours of burgundy, green, gold, silver and blue.

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It's all in the silk

Our 15% Silk and 85% Modal fabrics have a super soft handle. The combination has  both the highest breathability and thermal conductivity. It is an easy care fabric that is light in weight, but also has a great drape. Our Modal is a by product of plantation farmed Beech Trees, with a higher wicking property than cotton.

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Monet's Garden

Shot at Giverny on a hot summer's day last September, this depicts the swaying reed by Monet's Garden and lily pond. The original abstract impressionist work was created by artist Phillip Ayers. The work is printed onto our 100 x 100 silk twill and 200 x 140 silk-modal and silk chiffon scarves. All our scarves are hand finished with hand rolled and stitched hems. This is part of the new collection that is featured at AW2017 Pure London and AW Paris Fashion week.

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Marilyn Monroe: The Complete Last Sitting by Bert Stern was first published in 1982. The shoot itself was done 20 years earlier in 1962 just before the tragic death of Marilyn. Bert Stern is credited with change the landscape of fashion photography. He along with Richard Avedon, Mark Shaw, and Iving Penn pioneered this new format of advertising and fashion photography. I love the use of the silk chiffon scarf. The sheer silk seems to move and it creates a playfulness that wouldn't be there if the subject was just topless. #silk #silkscarf #silkartscarf #marilyn #bert_stern #silk_chiffon


Silk Twill

Silk Twill with its distinctive diagonal  weave has  an elegant and traditional drape. The front face is ideal for printing and the technical back face has a silver-grey shimmer.  The gloss effect enhances our designs and increases the vibrancy of the colours.  
We use 14mm Twill  which is the ideal trans-seasonal weight.


Paris here we come!

Next week we're heading back to Paris and London. We're excited to be showing the new collection at Pure London and in Paris. We're seeing 3 new sales agents in Paris and hop to meet some new contacts at Pure London.